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Aloha and Mahalo!

The Long Island Hawaiian Slack-key association is a non-profit group of Long Island-based Hawaiian slack key guitar players. LIHSA was founded in 2004 with the following simple goals:

bullet Find other Long Island-based Hawaiian slack key guitar players
bullet Play, learn and teach Hawaiian slack key guitar with each other
bullet Promote the joys of Hawaiian slack key guitar to others

In August, 2008, has merged with The Long Island Fingerstyle Guitar Club ( For more information on upcoming meetings, or for membership information, write to or visit

More info:

Information, membership, events: write to or visit

What is Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar? (This link will take you to Keola Beamer's Slack Key History Page)

Where can I find technical info on the tunings, terms, and history of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar (Ki Ho`alu)?

What am I listening to right now? If you are on the Internet Explorer browser and have a correctly configured MP3 player, you are listening to 'Ulili E (a.k.a. The Wandering Tatler Bird or Sandpiper). This song is sometimes attributed to either George Poepe or Bina Mossman. The arrangment is by Keola Beamer and is performed here by Ben Diamond in "Drop C" or "Leonard's C" Tuning (C-G-D-G-B-D).

Where can I hear some Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar on the web?

Where can I hear some Live Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar on Long Island / New York?

What are some other Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar sites you recommend?

Where can I find Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar sheet music and teachers?

Where can I find guitars made for Hawaiian Slack Key?


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